Are Business Cards still relevant in Zimbabwe’s 2018?

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Are business cards still relevant in Zimbabwe’s 2018? We’re going to answer this one straight away, with a resounding ‘YES’!

The advent of digital marketing, mobile phones and tablets has not done away with the need to actually meet people face to face and have a conversation with them. And if that conversation goes well, and you want to swap details to keep in touch, you still need some way of doing that without scrambling for pads and pens or typing away into your smartphone.

By Anesu Michael Maposa

The idea of networking events and exhibitions is to connect, to engage with people and form relationships with them, not to be constantly poking away at your tablet. Continue reading →



Last year in November 2013 i wrote a personal blog article on How i became mentally strong, The 13 things i avoided, as we are in the first quarter of 2014 i thought i would re-share this blog article on our website design,  motion and graphic design blog. Please feel free to share this article with your network.

By Anesu Michael Maposa

Circumstances on life happen so that you learn from them. Your environment should not shape you but rather you should shape your environment. Do not be like a river that bends to the environment but rather be like wind, invisible but powerful enough to shape its reality. Continue reading →